Can You Power a Small Air Conditioner with a Solar Generator?

Can You Power a Small Air Conditioner with a Solar Generator?

Well, when you are enjoying the comfort and convenience that comes with an AC in your living space, concern over the high power bill that follows might not be a label you want. Keeping an AC unit running can get quite costly if living in a hot climate or if you keep using it frequently. But what if there was a way to operate your AC on free and green electricity from the sunlight?

A sunlight generator simply means a device that traps sunshine energy, storing it in a cell for use at a later date. In general, it can also be used to power up any electrical appliance in the home starting from gadgets to the small air conditioner. But how does a solar generator work, and what size is needed to run your AC? Is it worth going for a solar generator for your home appliances?

In this article, we shall address these questions alongside many others. We will walk you through the basics of a solar generator and a small air conditioner, and discuss and compare their pros and cons. We will also advise regarding some probable best solar generators for small air conditioners that are available on the market nowadays as well as give you general tips on how to use them efficiently.

Key Takeaways About Small Air Conditioners Wattage

An air conditioning device, facilitating cooling within confined spaces, can be in the form of a portable, window, or mini-split. It is a small device whose operation uses electricity to drive his components, where wattage depends on size, capacity, and efficiency. While being easy to move and set up, portable air conditioners draw more power typically 700 to 1,500 watts.

Mounted in a window frame, window air conditioners require installation but are generally more energy efficient and partly block the view and natural light, typically using 500 to 1,000 watts. Mini-splits air conditioners, having an indoor and outdoor unit, are the most energy-efficient and quiet but require professional installation and maintenance, normally running of 500 to 2,500 watts.

What is a Solar Generator and How Does it Work?

A sunlight generator is basically an electricity generator that makes use of the energy from the sun. It's a system that involves both the portable power stations and the capturing, storage processes as well as in turn emanation of the sunlight sustenance. Solar generators are often used for RV trips, emergency power backup solutions, camping, or other outdoor activities. A solar generator, unlike the gas generators that need diesel, propane or gas, has portable solar panels and a portable power station incorporating a rechargeable battery, a solar charge controller, and a solar inverter. Solar generators come in different sizes and capabilities where one can choose as per their requirements and budget. The functioning of a solar generator is relatively simple.

Sun rays are converted into DC electricity that further proceeds to pass through the charge controller. The charge controller regulates the electricity voltage before storage that ensures proper current flow on the battery. The built-in battery stores all power to charge the electrical devices later. Finally, the inverter converts DC to AC power to power most appliances and devices for hours.

Can You Power a Small Air Conditioner with a Solar Generator?

Small Air Conditioners

Of course, the small air conditioner can be run on a small solar generator for a few hours. Yet not every solar generator may run an air conditioner. The consideration of power requirement will be the most important considering the specific air conditioner. It should be noted that the power surge, which is the maximum power required to start the appliance, and the running power, the power required to keep the appliance running, both must fall within the capacity of the solar generator. The result is that the power abilities of the solar generator must exactly equal the air conditioner's power demands.

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What Size Solar Generator Is Needed to Run a Refrigerator?

What Size Generator Do I Need For a Small Air Conditioner?

A small-sized AC uses less electricity, so the size of the generator will depend on the energy requirements of the AC. A 5,000 BTU window AC needs something in the neighborhood of a 900-watt generator, while a 12,000 BTU window unit might require something in the range of a 3,000-4,500 watt generator. AC units really differ in power requirements, so it is best to refer to your AC unit's user manual for the specifications. Choose a generator that offers at least 20% more wattage than the running watts indicated. Consider also that voltage delivered from generators changes when there are long and small extension cords. Always turn off other appliances when starting the AC to ease the initial starting load.

Best Solar Generator for Small Air Conditioners

EB70S + PV200 Kit

bluetti eb70s

BLUETTI EB70S Power Station + PV200 Solar Generator Kit is a nice solution to power small house air conditioners and other home devices and appliances. The Portable Power Station will be the Suitcase with a capacity of 716Wh and rated wattage of 800W, and the Solar Panel will be the foldable one with an output of 200W.

LiFePO₄ battery life at the power station is one of the longest among others available in the market and can reach over 2500 cycles. It also has multiple outlets which among them are four AC outlets, two PD ports, two USB-A ports, one car port, one DC port, and a wireless charging pad. It can be utilized to charge and work using a variety of gadgets in parallel, including laptop computers, etc.

The sunlight panel is made with high-level-efficiency monocrystalline cells for converting about 23 percent of the sunlight power into electricity. It is foldable, making it easy to port along without any strain, and even store it. It comes with a built-in kickstand that also ensures you adjust angles as well as panel positions for better exposure to the sunlight as desired. Recharge the power station with the solar panel within 3-4 hours or other sources like AC, car, and lead-acid battery.

AC200MAX + Solar Kit

bluetti ac200max

BLUETTI AC200MAX + Solar Generator Kit offers an ideal outdoor independent because it's highly versatile and high performing, thus fit for the small air conditioners. It's equipped with a 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, which has an excellent surge capacity of 4,800W for delivering power continuously. Having 2×B230, the capacity for that will expand to a little under 6,144Wh or up to a maximum of 8,192Wh with 2×B300.

This battery's seven recharging modes of AC200MAX, such as AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC+Solar suffice an individual's every need. The fast dual charging capacity is 1300W and the maximum solar input is 900W, thereby resulting in quick refueling.

The smart control and monitoring are some of the distinctive features in the AC200MAX that come through the BLUETTI App. This, on the other hand, assures easy operation as well as real-time power station monitoring. The long-life LiFePO₄ Battery is a feature part of the AC200MAX option with over 3,500 life cycles making it a durable choice.

AC200P + 2 PV200 Kit

bluetti ac200p

And the best of the best, which could power the small air conditioner – is the BLUETTI AC200P + 2 PV200 Solar Generator Kit. Utilizing 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter and surge capacity going up to 4800W, this kit will provide your conditioner with everything that it needs to work on a consistent capacity. To cater for power storage, the generator has a massive capacity of 2000Wh ensuring there is more than enough to hold onto. The LiFePO₄ Battery ensures over 3,500 life cycles therefore a choice that will last one for the longest time possible.

This kit is designed with 17 outputs meant for multiple devices meaning they work well with different sets of power needs. It also has seven recharge options that are AC, solar, car, generator, lead battery, dual AC, and AC+Solar hence very convenient. It allows maximum solar input up to 700W and fast dual charging at a capacity of 1200W thereby ensuring replenishments are conducted with efficiency.

For this, the AC200P + PV200 Kit is eco-friendly, gas-free, silent and cost-effective power for any need. And with the price of C$2,897.00, the product has a great worth of its features and capability as well. Whatever you want use it during your outdoor activities, or emergencies in power outages or as a backup at home then the AC200P + PV200 Kit is ever ready.

Is it Worth to Buy a Solar Generator?

Certainly, solar generators are excellent investments for several reasons. Be it a black-out occurrence at home or demand to charge devices as you accompany your friends camping, the sustained electrical power provision is afforded by solar generators. They are generally less bulky compared to gas generators and can be moved easily to various places. In addition, the energy is obtained from the sun as a form of energy and hence is clean in nature. Running quietly when compared to the one running on gas and requiring very minimal servicing both in terms of fuel and no fuel storage for use is another plus. However, consider such factors as your power needs, the budget, as well as the capacity and features of the generator before making a purchase.

Final Thoughts

In Summary, the solar generator can power a small air conditioner which not only does the job well but demonstrates the same as an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly choice. Though even the installation of solar generators may be expensive, they offer a lot of benefits in terms of renewable sources of energy, portability, as well low maintenance involved making them worthwhile for investment. 

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