How Many Watt Solar Generator Do I Need to Run a Refrigerator?

How Many Watt Solar Generator Do I Need to Run a Refrigerator?

It is not wrong to say that the refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen equipment. We get multiple benefits from it, like preserving food. But the problem comes when you have to face a power outage. You will face a lot of problems when such issues come your way.

In this regard, the best option is to use a solar generator that will help you overcome the power outage issue. By reading this blog, you will be able to learn how this generator can help you resolve this unexpected issue. Let’s get started.

Can You Run A Refrigerator On Solar Power?

The quick answer to this question is, “Yes, you can run a refrigerator on solar power.”  You only have to make sure that the solar generator you have is capable of generating enough power that is required to run this appliance.

Mostly, the refrigerators need 300 to 800 watts to operate smoothly. It means that the solar power system must be capable of generating enough energy. You can find multiple solar generators that can produce energy even more than this range.

It means that you can use those solar systems to support the refrigerator and other low-power equipment.

How Many Starting & Running Watts Does The Refrigerator Use?

Multiple types of refrigerators are available in the market. Every type needs different running and starting watts. In the following table, we have listed a few types of household refrigerators and the required watts to start and run them.

Refrigerator Type/Size

Starting Watts

Running Watts










RV/Compact Home



Depending on the type of refrigerator, you should choose a reliable and suitable solar generator. If your generator is capable of providing enough power, you can connect it with your refrigerator to run it.

What Solar Generator Size Do I Need To Run A Refrigerator?

It all depends on the refrigerator type you are expecting to operate on the solar generator. For your ease, we have listed a few factors that you can consider while thinking about the size of the solar generator.

Running Wattage

It is important to note how much wattage your generator will keep on providing for a specific time. As mentioned earlier, the refrigerators need 300 to 800 watts to work smoothly. So, you should make sure that the solar generator is capable of providing this power.

If your generator produces less power, it can cause a machine’s failure. It might be possible that your refrigerator will be affected permanently by this power fluctuation.

Starting Wattage

By checking the above table, you have learned that starting watts are 5-7 times higher than running watts. Keep in mind that a refrigerator needs more watts to get started as compared to working smoothly after that.

So, you should check if your solar generator is capable of doing this or not. If it is not, you should choose another generator. But if you have found a generator to provide enough starting watts to run your refrigerator, you can connect it and run this appliance.


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Power Capacity

Normally, people think checking running and starting watts is enough to have a reliable solar generator. In reality, it is not as if you have to check the power capacity of the generator, too. In simple words, you should understand how much time you can use the generator to operate the refrigerator.

This factor becomes more important when you are picking an RV refrigerator. It is because you may have to take this appliance with you when going for a tour far from your home.

Size of Solar Panel

Undoubtedly, solar energy is economical and useful for operating household appliances, especially when facing a power outage. But you must have to consider the size of the panel before picking it. You should choose the solar system that covers less space and provides enough energy.

It will help you save space in your home and resolve the issues of power outages.

Solar Generator For Refrigerator

To let you solve the power outage issue seamlessly, we have some efficiently working solar generators by BLUETTI. You can use these generators to run your refrigerator as well as other household appliances without facing power shortages.

BLUETTI AC300 Solar Generator Kit

bluetti ac300

If you are looking to run different appliances using a solar power generator, BLUETTI AC300 is a good choice. It can help you in operating different appliances because of its heavy wattage production property.

Heavy Inverter: It has a heavy-duty and efficient 3000W AC inverter, using which you can run your appliances smoothly.

Multiple Charging Methods: BLUETTI AC300 supports multiple charging methods, including AC, Solar, Car, Generator, and AC + Solar (Dual). You can charge it easily even if you don’t have an AC power source.

Expandable System: This solar system has been designed to extend its capacity. Undoubtedly, you can run multiple appliances with its 3072Wh power. But you can also extend this if you need it according to your requirements.

Quick Charging: This solar generator is capable of getting 5400W input power, which makes the charging fast.

BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator Kit


Sometimes, you may need a solar generator to run a small refrigerator like a car fridge. If it is your concern, you should choose BLUETTI AC200P. It is a low-power generator as compared to the previous one but perfect for small fridges and other appliances.

Long-lasting Battery: This solar generator comes with a long-lasting battery with 3500+ life cycles and an 80% health guarantee. It means you can use it fearlessly and keep using different appliances for the long term.

Multiple Output Slots: Undoubtedly, it has less power as compared to AC300, but it can still run multiple appliances. You can connect multiple small appliances using its 17 output slots.

Small Size: As it is perfect for small-sized fridges, it has been made perfect to set in cars, RV vehicles, and others. You can carry it easily without considering the size and weight.

BLUETTI EB70S Solar Generator Kit

bluetti eb70s

For RV users, the BLUETTI EB70S is a perfect solar generator. You can use this generator to let you overcome the power issues while moving far from your space. With its 716Wh power, it can run an RV refrigerator easily without fluctuations.

Wireless Charging Pad: It has been designed to get charged wirelessly when you don’t have space to do so on your trip. You can place its solar panels anywhere by connecting with the generator kit to get the energy for your required tasks.

Portable: Being an RV solar generator, it has been designed with a small-sized and lightweight structure. You can carry it in your vehicle, lift it up, and move from one point to another easily.

Battery Health: BLUETTI EB70S has a Lithium battery with more than 2500 life cycle capacity.

Will A Solar Generator Damage A Refrigerator?

There is no doubt to the fact that any power source can damage the appliance in different circumstances like low power generation. The same goes for the solar generator, which can impact the working of the refrigerator due to this problem.

woman-standing-beside-a -faulty-refrigerator

So, you should make sure that your generator is capable of providing enough power to the refrigerator to get started and work seamlessly. To avoid such conditions, you should choose a solar generator with an AC inverter and a power supply.

Both these devices will help you streamline the power to your appliance. So, you will never face problems like the harmful impact of solar generators on the refrigerator.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Run A Refrigerator?


It all depends on the user’s requirements, as we can’t specify the number of solar plates for all. On average, you need at least 4 solar panels to get enough power to operate a small refrigerator. 

The number of solar panels will keep on increasing with the increasing size and power requirements of your appliances. So, it all depends on the requirements of the user and appliance you want to work with. You can also reduce the number of solar plates by purchasing plates with higher capacity.

It means if you are going to buy multiple solar plates of 200 watts, you can reduce the number by getting plates of 400 watts or higher. In simple words, the power will remain the same, but the number of plates will become lower.

Final Thoughts

By reading this blog, you must have an idea about solar generator use as a source for refrigerators. We have discussed everything that you need to know before using it. To connect the solar generator to your refrigerator, you should make sure that it is capable of producing enough energy.

Along with this, it is good to get different appliances like inverter and battery to make the connection smooth and create a breakage in case of any problem. If you are unable to find them in the market, browse BLUETTI, as we have multiple ones to offer.

From our website, you can explore a wide collection of solar generators. By picking a reliable one, you can run the refrigerator as well as other household items. Along with this, you can enjoy using these generators on your trip to have enough power for your required equipment.

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