How Much Power Does a 400w Solar Panel Produce?

How Much Power Does a 400w Solar Panel Produce?

Picture having the sunlight's energy to run house appliances. That's what solar collectors/panels can do for you. They are great inventions designed to turn solar power into electrical energy. There are diverse kinds and sizes of solar collectors out there, but one of the most wanted and effective is the 400W solar panel. It can produce a lot of electricity for varied applications. But how much really? What will it cost? What can be done by it? How many will be sufficient to make the house self-dependent? And what is the current that it is producing per hour? And that is where this article walks us through as we look to explore the 400-watt collector and its benefits.

What is a 400W Solar Panel?

It is equipment that has 60 to 66 solar cells working as one to give 400 watts of DC power when they are tested in a perfect lab setting. This is called the Standard Test Conditions. A 400W collector is the size of a small table, measuring 5.4 by 3.25 feet.

But in practicality, they are affected by some factors. The effect of the position of the sun, weather, shadows and wires will bring down the level to which a 400W solar panel can produce power. In fact, a 400W solar panel will generally produce about 300 watts of power only. Therefore this is one reason why a sunlight collector system is built with fewer panels so that it can actually generate enough electricity for your building or home.

How Much Power Does a 400w Solar Panel Produce?

That's going to depend on a lot of different things—where you live, what the weather's like, how hot or cold it is, the manner you position your panel, what's in the way of the sun. In ideal conditions, a 400-watt panel will produce as much as 2.4 kWh of electricity per day, assuming it gets 6 hours of full sunlight. However, that's not very realistic, and in reality, your power output will most often come in lower.

Some of the stuff that can affect how much power your 400W solar panel makes include:

Location: The more sun you get, the more power you make. Places nearer the equator receive more sun as opposed to places near the poles.

Climate: The more of this power you get, the sunnier your clearer sky. But it is because of clouds, dust, and pollution that some of the sun's rays are potential blockers, and your panel does not work fully.

Temperature: The cooler the panel is, the more power you're going to make. High temperatures can bring down the voltage and power output of your panel.

Angle and Orientation: The sunnier the more power you're making. The perfect angle and direction of your panel depend on where you are and what time of year it is.

Shade and debris: As a general rule, less obstruction and more power you generate. But anything that blankets the panel—from trees and buildings to snow and dirt—can reduce its power output.

How Much Does a 400w Solar Panel Cost?

Well, that's a complex query. There are lots of variables, such as where you live, how complicated the installation is, what you need in additional equipment, and the kinds of incentives or rebates you can get.

But if you're searching for a 400W solar panel of premium class, then you should positively look at the BLUETTI PV420 Solar Panel. It is a type of foldable solar panel that can be portable and move with you everywhere. Works really well, and efficiently up to 23.4%. So, it turns more sunlight into electricity. It is made to be very strong and water-resistant and does not tear that easily. It has a kickstand that makes the setup very easy. It can produce up to 420W of solar power, so it could juice up gadgets and machines in no time.


It is composed of a strong ETFE coating that acts as a buffer for solar cells against dust, and even water; hence, this gives it the capacity to not rust. It forms a perfect integration with BLUETTI AC200P/AC200MAX/AC300/AC500/EP500Pro, which are good and flexible solar generators. In the case of the PV420 Solar Panel, the product will be found at their official website going at a cost of C$1,099.00. This product is hence a great choice for people who need a solar panel that is durable and serves many functions.

What Can I Run With a 400W Solar Panel? 

400-watt sunlight collectors are like small power plants, converting the energy from the sun into electricity. One can use it to energize many devices and small appliances such as smartphones, laptops, lights, televisions, and fans.

For instance, the capacity of a usual smartphone is about 15 Wh. A 400-watt panel can generate 1.6 kWh of electricity a day, meaning in the course of 24 hours more than 100 smartphones could be charged!

In fact, more than three or four connected 400-way 1att panels can power nearly any appliance, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines

For example, a home dryer would consume about 2 kW of energy every hour (2 kWh) to operate. At least two panels of 400W each that make 1.6 kWh of energy each day are required to run the dryer for an hour.

It would be worth mentioning that the solar panels alone cannot power appliances or supply electricity. They need to be connected either to a portable power station or other components of the system. They need to work in conjunction with a portable power station in order to convert and store, as house electricity, the solar energy that they produce.

You should also remember that a portable power station cannot be connected to as many solar panels as you would or as one might think. There is a limit to the amount of solar energy that your system can handle. In an off-grid solar power solution, the solar charging capacity of your system is the maximum amount at which you are pegged.

How Many 400w Solar Panels Do I Need to Run a House?

In fact, the number of these collectors you'll need to energize a home mostly depends on two major factors: the amount of electricity you actually consume and the availability of your roof space. Because more and more people are maximizing the power per square foot, 400w solar panels are the most popularly used and preferred ones compared to the others with lower wattage.

We can estimate the number of 400w panels that you'll need by the following formula:

No. of panel = Electricity used / (365 x Sunlight hours x 0.4)

Energy consumed is the measure of power one requires within a year, measuring it in kilowatt-hours. Sunshine hours are the representation of the average time of sunlight every day within the location where the panels are set up. 0.4 is the efficiency factor for the 400w collector, factoring in losses from shading, wiring, and others.

The number of panels would be:

No. of panel = 10,000 / (365 x 5 x 0.4) = 13.7

Eg., if you use 10,000 kWh of energy within a year, and you stay in an area where there are 5 sunshine hours in a day, therefore you would need:

You can round up to 14 panels for a 5.6 kW system. This would take up about 319 square feet of your roof, assuming each solar panel is about 22.75 square feet.

solar panel

But this is all a guesstimate, remember. Your actual number of collectors might be different based on things like roof orientation, tilt angle, shading, and many more aspects.

How Many Amps per Hour Does a 400w Solar Panel Produce?

What amount of power can this collector make in an hour? That will naturally depend on the voltage it can give.

You will be able to find out how much current (amps) it makes by this formula:

Current = Power / Voltage

Most panels have a voltage between 18V and 48V when they work normally. Imagine that a 400-watt collector has a voltage of 48:

Current = 400-watts/48-volts = 8.33A

That indicates a 400W solar panel can make about 8.33 amperage of energy in an hour if everything is perfect (lots of sunshine and excellent temperature). But of course, things are usually far from ideal. Sometimes, the facing of the panel isn't good when there are clouds, and sometimes, it is so hot or so cold. These things will make the current go down.

Final Thoughts

A 400-watt solar panel acts as a strong ally to the portable power station, which comes in a rigid form or a portable one. It is able to give enough juice for running most of the things that the household requires.

And with a bunch of 400W panels, you can do more. You can power your whole house, spend less on electricity bills, and make the world a better place.

However, it is not a piece of cake to find proper solar equipment. There are a lot of things a person has to think of, like how much space there is, how much money can one really spend, and what the person really wants to do with all the power. A 400-watt solar panel might be a great choice for some homeowners who don't have so much space on the roof. It is much more expensive as opposed to lower wattages but then you will require fewer numbers to get the power you need.

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