What Can You Run on a Portable Power Station?

What Can You Run on a Portable Power Station?

In our connected world, reliable power is crucial, especially during outages. Enter portable power stations, versatile solutions providing electricity when and where it’s needed. Away from home or in a power outage, these devices power a variety of appliances, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. This article dives into portable power stations’ capabilities, powering everything from TVs and fridges to AC units and CPAP machines. We’ll explore the benefits of owning one and recommend top picks. 

What Is a Portable Power Station?

Think of a portable power station as the silent, eco-friendly superhero. It saves electricity in a battery for you to use later when the grid lets you down. And unlike those conventional generators, it doesn’t make noise or produce emissions. It is safe to be used inside. In addition, it is environmental-friendly. It can be charged with solar panels or any other renewable source of energy. The power is rightfully in your hands when you want it.

How Do I Know What Appliances I Can Run on My Portable Power Station?

bluetti portable power station

What appliances are pertinent to a portable power station running? It can all come down to its storage capacity, output and wattage of the appliances you'd want to run atop. Sure thing, most power stations can charge smaller devices like your phone or a fan or a tablet. But the big guns, the power-hungry appliances, can your selected model truly handle them?

Don’t forget about surge power of an appliance or startup current. It may be two to three times its operational capacity. It happens at the first time on turning on appliances. Once the rig is up and running, it should be drawing a constant amount of electricity. So make sure your power station has some excess watts to cater for the surge power state.

Can a Portable Power Station Power a TV?

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Definitely, yes! Your TV can run on portable power. Well, most of them are usually set in place to support small electronic devices. Included is your television, especially the LED type that barely consumes a lot of power.

Now let's talk numbers. Modern TVs consume about 100 watts per hour on average. However, this might vary to produce a figure ranging from 50 to 200 watts power consumption observed.

However, here lies the rub. If you have the power station planned, all other appliances that operate at the same time must be included. For instance, streaming a show or having a player running as well when watching the TV. The combined wattage of these devices will increase the total energy consumption.

And guess what, it has influence over how long your power station can last between the charges. So when you pick on a power station ensure it can handle at least your TV and any other gadgets you might be needing to power at the same time.

Can a Portable Power Station Run a Refrigerator/Freezer?

Yes, this station can operate a fridge. But wait up, there are some things you will have to remember.

Firstly, take into consideration the size and wattage of your fridge, including the capacity of the power station. Bigger fridges consume more energy so maybe they are a good match to smaller power stations. In return, compact fridges are easier to handle.

Now, let’s talk about energy consumption. A fridge uses basing from 1-2 kWh/day. Mostly, this electricity is consumed when the fridge starts up and when the compressor operates. So, it’s really important to know how much energy each day your fridge does use. This way, you can make sure your power station can handle it.

Well the idea finally is if the peak power of the power station is greater than the fridge start up power, and if the power station output power is bigger than the fridge's continuous power, then it can effectively power the power station.

Can the Portable Power Station Run an AC Unit?

This, however, will rely on a number of aspects.

First of all, you must have to confirm the inverter reading of the electricity station as well as the wattage requirement of the AC. After all, not all air conditioners are created identical.

For example, their normal hourly wattage consumption of central units is 3000–3500 watts. In contrast, window units consume not more than 1400 watts in an hour and no less than 900. What about those bigger portables too? Their hourly wattage range can be any in between 2900–4100.

Currently, an RV air conditioner consumes about 3600W in the start-up surge initial. And during a continuous run, it oscillates between 500 and 1800W per hour. Ultimately, this all boils down to matching the right AC unit with the right power station!

Can a Portable Power Station Power CPAP Machines?


Yes, if a portable power station will be able to power a CPAP machine or not depends basically on the capacity of that power output of that station.

Now here is the issue. Ensure that the capacity of the power station is greater than or equal to the wattage required by the CPAP machine.

For example, consider a condition in which your CPAP has a power requirement of 55 watts. While your power station is providing only generating capacity of 50watts. Surely, for such a requirement, it wouldn't be able to make enough electricity available.

So, the key here is understanding the power requirement of your CPAP machine and its capacity of your power station. Now this will ensure they are compatible and can work together effectively.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Portable Power Station?

A mobile power station has a bunch of benefit. Imagine this - there’s an inevitable accident such as a hurricane, flood, or earthquake. Electricity’s out and it’s not returning back anytime sooner. But guess what? With a portable power station, you’ve got power! No other game competes on being emergency readiness.

You are an outdoor guy, and you may be in love with fishing, hiking, or camping. A mobile electricity station is an indispensable tool. A portable power station allows you to charge your devices and run appliances when you most need them while lighting up the campsite.

However, it's not the only great outdoors. It's an excellent home backup power solution as well. Is there a power outage? No problem - all your home equipment keeps running, and you stay connected to the internet.

Finally, if one is a nice road trip addict obviously than his portable power station is nothing lesser than a savior. Your device getting charged and your appliances running smoothly, all of this is taken care of as well. In short, it's an asset all the way ahead on any sort of power requirement.

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Recommended Portable Power Stations

We recommend three primary options from BLUETTI as the perfect portable power stations.

bluetti ac180

First, meet AC180, a solid and all-round mobile station. The AC output is measured at 1,800W with a peak of 2,700W. The unit banks in a 1,152Wh capacity with a total of nine output ports to juggle around many devices. You can recharge it by four different ways including solar. Plus, there is a fast charging feature that gets it to 80% only in 45 minutes. And the cherry on top? It has a smart app for you to control and monitor the power station from wherever you are.

bluetti ac200p

Now we have another choice - the AC200P. A high-capacity mobile station that provides you with a pure sine wave AC output of up to 2,000W with a peak of 4,800W. The system has a massive 2,000Wh capacity and an enduring LiFePO4 cell which could support beyond 3,500 cycles. It has the potential to provide charging services to various devices with its 17 outputs. The model also gives seven recharging options inclusive of dual charging that can take it up to 1,200W of input power. And the best part? It's environment-friendly, free-of-gas, silent, and economical.

bluetti ac200max

Last but not least, the AC200MAX. It is an expandable mobile electricity station that comes loaded with a maximum pure sine wave AC output of 2,200W as well as a surge up to 4,800W. It commences at a base 2,048Wh capacity but may extend all the way to a huge  8,192Wh with two extra batteries. It offers seven recharging methods including solar and can support up to 1,400W of fast dual charging. And, like the AC180/P, it also has a smart app for you to connect with and monitor the power station from your phone.

Final Thought

So, the bottom line is? Portable power stations are great to power a range of devices. This guide just gave you a glimpse into the variety of appliances these stations can handle.

But here is a trick. When you want to procure this station, size, wattage rating, and capacity of the battery are aspects to weigh. Going for a station with high battery capacity and wattage clearly denotes that it can be able to perfectly power your devices.

And the greatest part? This investment buys you a peace of mind. No matter where in the world are you, you know you’ve got a reliable source of power.