Tailgate Party Guide: What Should You Bring?

Tailgate Party Guide: What Should You Bring?

Tailgating is a tradition you must have surely heard of if you are a sports or music lover in Canada. It's a common pre-game tradition where fans gather in the car park of a stadium or an arena, usually to have some food and drinks and be entertained before the main event. Tailgating offers a lot: it's a chance to support your team or artist, converse with other fans, and just have some fun before the event.

But the trunk of your car is far more than merely a cooler with food and drinks inside. You need to plan ahead and bring the right equipment, supplies, and accessories to make your tailgate party a success. This article will enlighten you with some tips and suggestions for carrying stuff for a tailgate party. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, here you go!

What Is Tailgating?

Imagine this: a cherished tradition, transported from the heart of North America up North and wedged into the Canadian spirit. This tradition is called tailgating. A melee of colors unfolds in the parking lot of the stadium before the big game begins. Imagine a symphony of laughter, music, sizzling food, clinking beverages, and friendly games that announce the tone of a day that is anything but ordinary.

But make no mistake, tailgating is no exclusive domain of the American sports fan, no siree. A study released today revealed that a whopping 80 percent of Canadians are familiar with the concept of a 'tailgating party' and a strong 10 percent have partaken in the last year. And guess what? Football games have turned out to be the top priority by these Canadian tailgaters.

But then again, tailgating isn't just about the party itself. It's an open space to gather families, friends, and die-hard fans before the game starts. It's an expression of unity and the sportsman spirit that adds an integral part to the event experience. So, if ever in Canada—seize the local way, grab your grill, rally your friends, and let the tailgate party unfold!

Tailgate Party Prep: Your Pre-Party Checklist

So, before the actual Canadian tailgate party really kicks off, some magic has to happen behind the scenes. For this, one has to read the schedule for the parking lots, the rule book of the stadium, and be in the know which area is specifically allotted for the tailgating party. If you've got dreams of setting up something spacious, then be sure to have staked out a claim in the perfect spot.

Think of your car as the HQ for your tailgate. It will need to have enough space to store all the gear needed for your party. A second vehicle or even a cargo carrier may be part of your master plan if your gear list continues to grow to accommodate the extra load. A large plastic tub can be your secret weapon for storing used grilling tools. A quick hose down, and it's as good as new.

But, again, the vehicle isn't merely a place to stuff your gear. It is in itself your ride to and from the game. So make sure it's up to the task. You don't want to end up stranded.

Meanwhile, the menu should let the start time of the game be your guide. If it's a noon game, tailgating might easily be in full swing by 9 a.m. Embrace the early bird lifestyle and plan a brunch. Barbecue some slabs of bacon or sausage links that sizzle up really well. Have some skewered pineapple with ham or peppers for an amazing light lunch. Set up a coffee bar for drinks. Throw in some flavored syrups, a selection of fruit juices, or freshly squeezed lemonade for good measure. And make sure to enjoy a grilled sandwich, always!

Essential Items for the Tailgate Game: What to Pack

Imagine yourself about to embark on a Canadian tailgate adventure. Here’s your treasure map to a successful event:

  • Portable Grill: This isn’t just a grill; it is the heart of the party, the birthplace of tantalizing barbecue aromas.
  • Grilling tools: These form your secret weapons and should include a lighter, fire starter, tongs, spatula, knives of top quality, meat thermometer, board for cutting, dish for barbecue sauce, and oil or spray for grilling. They are bound to ensure that the entire grilling session proceeds smoothly.
  • Cooler: Your faithful sidekick, keeping the meat fresh and the drinks nicely chilled.
  • Food, Drinks, and Other Supplies: Buns, ketchup, cheese, pickles, onions, hot sauce, potato salad, deviled eggs, queso, chips, dips, relish, mustard, and coleslaw. And do not forget to take trash bags for clearance, zip-locks for the remains, plates, utensils, and towels, tumblers, can openers for wine and bottles, tumbler coolers.
  • Generator - the power lifeline in the wilderness of the parking lot. It powers up your satellite dish, electric grill, slow cooker, TV, radio, or any other electric appliances. Consider these: 


bluetti eb3a

Now imagine a power station as portable as your backpack, but strong enough to keep your tailgate party in a buzz of energy. Meet EB3A. Made with a 268Wh battery and a capacity of 600W, this little powerhouse makes sure your tailgate game never runs out of juice.

Boasting 9 outputs, it can simultaneously charge multiple devices, making it the life of the party. Its 600W AC pure sine wave inverter is capable of handling a surge up to 1,200W and will ensure smooth, stable power.

The heart of the power station is the LiFePO₄ battery, reputed to offer longevity with a promise of as many as 2,500 life cycles. And, in the event of the need to recharge, the EB3A provides six possible options that include solar and AC.



Expandable Power Station
Allow up to 900W of solar input, Your mobile power center at home or on the way.

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Think of a powerful power station that is also flexible: AC200MAX, a perfect companion for tailgates. With its whopping capacity of 2,048Wh, indeed, you have a powerhouse in your hands. And that is not all. The more batteries it has, the expandable it is to 8,192Wh.

It is not just any power station. With a hefty 2200W pure sine wave inverter, the AC200MAX is up to the task of running several devices at once. In the charging aspect, it doesn't give you one, two, or even four options but up to seven: Solar, Dual AC input, and so on.

But the AC200MAX doesn’t stop there. It also features fast dual charging that can reach an impressive 1,400W.



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Imagine a power station that's not only eco-friendly and cost-effective but ready for tailgating—introducing the AC200P, whose capacity runs to 2,000Wh and with an equal inverter of 2,000W that's ever ready for a surge of 4,800W.

It's not only strong but also flexible with 17 total outputs for devices. It has seven charge options along with solar charge and dual AC. Besides, it supports dual charge fast up to 1,200W.

The AC200P is far more than a power station. It is gas-free, quiet, silent, and yet durable in daily life. At its very core is a LiFePO₄ battery that promises longevity by lasting over 3,500 cycles.

  • Tables/Chairs: Tables and chairs that are foldable, especially those with cup holders, could also be considered camping-friendly.
  • Pop-up Tent: Definitely an exclusive thing to have to protect from the scorching sun or rain, a pop-up tent or canopy.
  • Team Sports Gear: Wearing your team logo or colors is key. It's a bold statement of your allegiance.
  • Games: Have some tailgating games set up before kick-off. Activities such as ladder toss, giant Jenga, cornhole, or flip cup can be included to ignite the excitement.
  • Wireless Speakers/Music: While a smartphone is multi-purpose to play music, wireless speakers ensure that everyone gets to listen. Must-haves include Bluetooth speakers, as well as a power brick.
  • Bungee Cords, Duct Tape, and Rope: Such items ensure that everything is well in its place, with no tendencies to fly away on some wind, even weak.
  • Other: Don't forget your game tickets, blankets for cold or rainy weather, a waterproof rain jacket, a first aid kit, wet wipes for faces and hands, baby wipes for spills on clothes, toilet paper, sunscreen, Clorox wipes for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, and mesh food nets to keep bugs off your food.

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Wrapping Up After the Tailgate Party

The echoes from the tailgate party are waning, it's time to shut it down and hit the game. But first, make sure your tailgate spot is clean as a whistle. Aluminum foil, Ziplock bags, and plastic containers are the ultimate sidekicks to fight food wastage. And the usage of a permanent marker will surely be the secret weapon of them all.

Remember that tailgating is not all about partying, but it also is about respecting the facility and its surroundings. Keeping the area clean is an unspoken rule.

Final Thoughts

But more than just a party, tailgating is a tradition that forges a living, usually beer-soaked, team spirit quilt between friends. The actual ingredients of such a festive feast may be different at each event, but the recipe is really quite simple. Start at the base level and model your checklist according to the vibe of your crew and the party flair.

And remember never to forget: tailgating, in and of itself, is a festivity of friendship and common passion. Whether you’re firing up the grill amidst a sea of cars in a stadium parking lot or transforming your backyard into a fan zone, the mission is one and the same: to craft indelible memories with friends, all while rallying behind your team.

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