Tracking NB Power Outages and Restoration Progress

Tracking NB Power Outages and Restoration Progress

In New Brunswick, the heartbeat of Eastern Canada, keeping the lights on is paramount. This responsibility falls squarely on NB Power, the province's premier utility company. NB Power takes center stage in providing electricity to over 350,000 customers throughout New Brunswick and its surroundings. In a region where power outages can occur for various reasons, ranging from severe weather conditions to unforeseen technical glitches, NB Power is a vigilant guardian, working around the clock to ensure that homes, businesses, and communities remain illuminated.

In this post, which focuses on power outages and NB power restoration progress, residents should keep checking the current situation in order to be prepared to report outages at any time. It is also important to stock up on supplies as well as backup power sources as appropriate for your situation.

How to Check the Latest NB Power Outage Map

Knowing about power outages greatly matters, given how much we rely on electricity daily. If you're in New Brunswick and wondering about energy blackouts, there's a silver lining. NB Power has a handy outage map to update you on the situation. Let's walk through the simple process of accessing the latest NB Power outage map:

nb power outage map

Method 1: Official NB Power Website

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the official NB Power website:
  2. You'll find a section on the homepage dedicated to "Outages." This is where you can get the most recent information about power outages and their restoration progress. 
  3. Click on the link provided to access the outage map. This interactive map displays the affected areas, estimated restoration times, and other relevant details.
  4. Zoom in and navigate around the map to locate your area and see if it's affected by an ongoing outage. And you can get the latest on your outage by searching your phone or account number.

Method 2: Social Media

  1. Go to NB Power's official Twitter account found at
  2. Read the NB power tweets, and watch for any news on energy blackouts. NB Power often updates outage situations and restoration efforts through their Twitter feed.
  3. Click on the relevant tweet to access more information about the current outages. You might find links to the outage map or details about the affected areas.

Method 3: Other Resources

In addition to the official NB Power website and social media, there are other resources you can explore:

  • EnergyNB: You can also try accessing the outage map through the EnergyNB website.
  • Esri Case Study: You can refer to this case study to learn more about how NB Power strengthens its outage response using technology.
  • Global News: Check out Global News for updates related to NB Power outage maps.

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How Do I Report a Power Outage in NB?

Experiencing a power outage can be inconvenient, but reporting it promptly helps utility companies restore power efficiently. New Brunswick has several ways to report a power outage to NB Power and stay informed about the restoration process.

NB Power Official Website

You can report a power outage directly through the NB Power website. Click on the link and follow the simple procedures to report the blackout. They might ask for details like where you are and how to contact you. This helps them get things back to normal faster.

Phone Assistance

If you prefer to report the outage over the phone, call NB Power's customer service at their designated phone number. This information is usually available on your utility bill or the NB Power website.

Twitter Updates

Follow the NB Power Twitter account for real-time updates on outages, restoration efforts, and other relevant information. While the exact reporting process might not be available directly on Twitter, this platform can inform you about ongoing outage situations.

Local Municipalities

Some municipalities like Moncton may provide information about power outages on their official websites. For example, the City of Moncton's website offers guidelines for reporting power outages and provides contact information.

NB Power Company Overhaul Process When You Report a Power Outage

power outage report

When you inform NB Power about a power outage in New Brunswick, they kick into action to bring back the electricity and ensure everyone's safe. Take a brief peek into how they work to restore things to normal:

  1. Communication and Collecting Particulars: Once you tell NB Power about a power outage using the right methods, like their website or customer service, they get the message about the problem and start looking into it.
  2. Assessment and Prioritization: NB Power assesses the outage's extent and impact on different areas. They prioritize restoration efforts based on factors like the number of affected customers, the cause of the outage, and any potential safety hazards.
  3. Deployment of Crews: NB Power deploys experienced crews equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to affected areas. These crews work diligently to identify and address the root causes of the outage, such as fallen power lines, equipment damage, or other issues.
  4. Safety Measures: Safety is a top priority during outage restoration. Crews ensure the work environment is safe for workers and the public. Appropriate safety measures are implemented for downed power lines or other hazards.
  5. Repair and Restoration: Crews work on repairing and replacing damaged equipment, restoring power lines, and addressing any issues that caused the outage. This may involve tree removal, repairing damaged infrastructure, and other tasks to restore electricity.
  6. Communication and Updates: NB Power provides regular customer updates through various communication channels, such as their website, social media accounts, and local news outlets. These updates keep customers informed about the progress of restoration efforts and estimated restoration times.
  7. Complexity Consideration: Restoration times can vary depending on the complexity of the outage. While some outages may be resolved quickly, others may take longer, especially those affecting larger areas or involving complex repairs.
  8. Emergency Services Coordination: During major outages caused by severe weather events or other emergencies, NB Power may coordinate with emergency services and local authorities to ensure a coordinated response and efficient restoration.
  9. Continued Monitoring: After power is restored to most customers, NB Power continues to monitor the situation to identify any issues that might arise and promptly address them.

How to Keep Safe for Power Outage?

stay safe on power outage

Sometimes the electricity can suddenly go off because of bad weather, machinery breaking, or maintenance. Consider being prepared and careful to remain guaranteed of safety if these issues arise. Stay one step ahead during NB power blackouts with these in-depth safety tips: 

Before a Power Outage

Before an unexpected energy blackout, you can guarantee yourself safety by completing a few things. Check everything to complete below:

Create an Emergency Kit

Assemble an emergency kit with essential supplies such as non-perishable food, water, medications, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, and any necessary personal items.

Backup Power Solutions

Consider reliable backup power solutions like the BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 Home Battery Backup. This modular system offers a 3,072Wh LiFePO4 battery with a 3,000W AC pure sine wave inverter. It features up to 7 ways to recharge, including solar, AC, car, and generator, ensuring a continuous power supply during outages. There still have a lot of choice of home backup battery on BLUETTI, you can find more info from it.

Detailed Review of BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 Home Battery Backup

  • Product Specifications: The AC300 + B300 kit includes a 3,072Wh battery with a 3,000W AC inverter. It supports 240V split-phase bonding, fast dual charging, and multiple recharging options.
  • Benefits: High capacity, modular design, multiple recharging methods, silent operation.

Stay Informed

Stay updated with weather forecasts and emergency alerts through local news, radio, or official emergency communication channels.

During a Power Outage

During a power outage, prioritize safety and take necessary precautions:

Stay Indoors

Stay inside your home to avoid hazards caused by downed power lines or falling debris.

Use Alternative Lighting

Use flashlights, lanterns, or battery-powered lights instead of candles to prevent fire risks.

Conserve Phone Battery

Preserve your phone's battery by using it only for essential communication. Consider turning on battery-saving mode.

After a Power Outage

Once the power is restored, ensure a smooth transition back to normalcy:

Check Appliances

Check electrical appliances and equipment for damage or malfunction before using them again.

Restock Supplies

Refill your emergency kit with any items you used during the outage. Ensure you're prepared for future incidents.

Backup Power Solutions

Consider maintaining your backup power solutions for future outages. Recharge batteries and replace any expended supplies.

Scheduled Planned Power Interruptions You Need to Know

As of August 16, 2023, New Brunswick Power Corp monitors power outages for approximately 363,738 customers. But for updates on planned power interruptions in your area, it's recommended to regularly check official sources such as the NB Power website, local news outlets, social media pages, or community websites. Remember that NB Power often releases information about scheduled maintenance and planned interruptions on its official platforms.

Furthermore, consider signing up for alerts through NB Power's communication channels to ensure you stay informed about upcoming power interruptions and receive timely notifications.


In conclusion, staying informed about NB Power outages and their restoration progress is crucial for minimizing disruptions during power outages. Utilizing online outage maps, reporting outages promptly, understanding the overhaul process, and following safety guidelines contribute to a safer and more manageable outage experience.


What is the phone number for NB Power billing?

You can reach NB Power's customer service for billing inquiries through several phone numbers:

  • Toll-Free Number: (800) 663-6272
  • Customer Service (Emergencies): (888) 544-2333
  • General Info: +1 506 458 4444

Who provides electricity in New Brunswick?

Electricity in New Brunswick is provided by the provincially-owned utility, NB Power (New Brunswick Power Corporation). They maintain transmission and distribution lines for over 390,000 customers.

How much does one usually pay for New Brunswick electricity?

The monthly NB electricity charges for a typical home using approximately 1,000 kWh is nearly 12.7 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Can I pay my NB Power bill with a credit card?

NB Power does not accept credit card payments directly.

How do you know if there's a power outage in your neighborhood?

Head to the NB Power Outage Map online or call them at 1-800-663-6272 for energy blackout updates.

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