Amps, Watts, And Volts: How Are They Related?

Amps, Watts, And Volts: How Are They Related?

Nowadays, electricity remains an indispensable element of everyone's daily life, meaning it's impossible to think of living without energy for even a second. Also, most individuals now invest in solar power stations because solar energy offers an unstained, inexhaustible, and safe power alternative for houses. 

However, it's pivotal to understand what amps, voltage, and watts are in your power station and how they relate to each other to ensure your energy source runs for extended hours. So. let's discuss these units in detail to help you take informed steps. 

What Does Ampere, Volatge & Watt Mean? 

Don't consider mastering the meaning of electronic phrases such as ampere, voltage, and watt as an option if you aim to understand electricity's nuts and bolts. Knowing your power station's volts, watts & amps lets you check if it is befitting with your camping gadgets or family house appliances. Conversely, if you operate those appliances with inappropriate battery volts, prepare for equipment functioning failure. 

The exciting update about these electricity fundamentals is their interrelation and ability to calculate each unit using a straightforward formula. For instance, you only need to multiply voltage and ampere to get the watts a gadget uses. 

What Does an Amp Mean? 

An amp means the electrons stream through a specific spot for one second. Generally, you can view an amp as the current stream through an electronic loop. We can also define an amp mathematically as the specific' gadget's watt divided by the voltage. 

Ampere = Watt/Voltage

View amperage as the electronic current's strength, and you'll always get it featured as amperes. Thus, if you get a more significant amperage, then that indicates more electricity stream via the circuit. 

What Does Watt Mean? 

In simple terms, a watt means the power your electronic gadget consumes. It's the energy the gadget relies on to function as needed or the "electricity in operation." You can also express it mathematically as the amperage multiplied by voltage. 

Watt = Amperage X Voltage

Note that a higher wattage means more energy and output for your electronic device. 

What Does a Volt Mean?

Volt gives the correct pressure/force for an electronic current stream along a wire. You can also view Volt as the one that finds the rate at which each electron streams through the electronic circuit. 

240V is the standard volt measurement for most large-sized home gadgets such as AC systems, fridges, and washing machines. Conversely, 120V is the standard Volt measurement for smaller-sized home gadgets such as fluorescent lamps, televisions, computers, etc. 

In addition, you can express Volt mathematically as the gadget's watt divided by amperage. 

Voltage = Watt/Amperage

Volt, Watt & Amp Relation

Some individuals may find electronic mathematics to be a bit overwhelming. However, this mathematics is pretty straightforward if you go deeper. The Ohm's Wheel Law makes the most straightforward way to master how voltage, wattage & amperage relate to each other. 

Let's simplify the explanation by sharing one related example of using this wheel.  For instance, you want to fix a home air conditioner and ensure your room has a four-thousand-watt air conditioner at the end of the process. This case requires you to find the correct circuit for that air conditioner to run accurately. 

Ohm's Wheel

Here, we assume your air conditioner has a four-thousand-wattage rating and needs a 240V voltage reading. Since you have the voltage and wattage, you must find current intensity or amperage, abbreviated as I. 

Now check the Ohm's Wheel Law picture and select the appropriate formula. 

Amperage = Wattage/Voltage

Current Intensity = 4000-Watts/240 Volts = 16.60 Amps

Next, apply the 125 percent safety factor since that air conditioner will run for three to four hours when used on hot summer days. 

Amperage = 16.60 X 125/100 = 20.80A

From above, it's straightforward that you need a typical 25-amperage circuit to run your air conditioner stably and continuously. 

How Do Volts, Amps, And Watts Relate In The Electronic System?

Other than volts, wattage, and amperage, the electrical system has other phrases you need to master. These include: 

  • Atoms

Atoms form the matter's elementary units, comprising a nucleus whole of neutrons and protons. Negatively charged electrons are its neighbors, and you can easily picture them as a mini-sized solar system. In general, like atoms, matter forms an electronic structure. 

  • Electrons

Unlike planets that revolve bit by bit, electrons revolve around the nucleus at light speed. This  electron movement path takes the name "probability cloud."

  • Electricity

Atoms put together form a group that takes the name "molecules." When these molecules and atoms are positioned closely, they effortlessly allow electrons to pass from one atom to the next atom. You can picture this scenario as one where electrons stream through a specific conductor. Electrity

Always expect an equipment failure if you link your electronic gadget with the incorrect energy supply or voltage. As a result, this explains why figuring out the electronic readings is pivotal before purchasing that electronic battery or solar system. 

Electrical Structure Efficiency

Regarding the electronic structure, you calculate power by multiplying voltage with current. Note that electrical efficiency entails energizing a single gadget using minimal power. As a result, efficient electronic equipment means having a device with minimal power waste. 

Top 3 BLUETTI Power Stations Discussed

It's always indispensable to check the voltage, amperage, and wattage whenever picking the correct power station for your daily applications. You can look forward to charging your gadgets for extended hours if your battery features higher wattage. Also, higher amperage means you'll charge those gadgets faster. 

BLUETTI is a top-rated company with unparalleled portable power stations of multiple sizes. Their safer and long-lasting power stations suit various applications, including camping cases, road trips, and off-grid life. 


The BLUETTI EB55 is a lightweight and compact portable power station that works well for your camping trip or campervan. Featuring an in-built 700-watt robust inverter (surge 1400 watts) and 537Wh capacity, you can depend on this station to operate most of the indispensable outdoor gadgets and electronic systems like projects, mini-sized freezers, smartphones, etc.

One exciting thing is that this energy station can operate thirteen gadgets concurrently. You can simultaneously run your mini-sized fridge, radio, and other pivotal electronics. In fact, it features a one-piece wireless charging pad, which is another remarkable element. BLUETTI EB55

Its lightweight feature is why most people prefer it for outdoor trips. It weighs only 16.50 lbs and has a handle, allowing you to carry it anywhere. As a result, you can picture it as a small-sized power solution for your outdoor needs with top-notch performance. 

Besides, the BLUETTI EB55 lets you recharge it in four different ways. These include solar panel systems, car outlets, generators, and wall outlets. A dependable PV panel makes it the perfect choice for your camping trips. 


The BLUETTI EB70S is the product of matchless technologies and rare innovations. Its battery pack and power inverter, measuring 716Wh and 800-watt/1000-watt, respectively, explain it's the only portable power station you need to operate those indispensable road-trip essentials or use during energy outages. 

Moreover, this station has twelve output ports, meaning you can charge several gadgets concurrently. Besides, the upper side features a fifteen-wattage wireless charging pad, making charging your smartphone easier. As a result, you can prioritize this power storage choice for emergency applications and camping cases, whether for charging electric lamps, mini-sized fridges, etc. BLUETTI EB70S

In addition, the BLUETTI EB70S features an in-built comfortable handle design. Therefore, the element allows you to lift and move the power station with only one hand. Also, it's a compact and lightweight option because it weighs only 21.40 lbs and measures 12.60 inches by 8.50 inches by 8.70 inches. These features make it an excellent choice for any hiker or camper. 


The BLUETTI AC200P with 2000Wh capacity, is a portable power station to prioritize without considering where you plan to use it. You can rely on this off-grid energy source to work well at your family property during unexpected energy blackouts, in the woods, on road trips, or in the backyard. 

Other than featuring the USB-A port, 12-volt/3-amp direct current port, cigarette lighter port, alternating current outlets, and a USB-C port, this station also gives you extra charging choices with 15-watt wireless chargers and a 12-volt/25-amp RV port. Its LiFePO4 battery is another matchless feature. Besides lasting for nearly ten years when used in one cycle daily, this battery also gives 3500 plus life cycles. AC200P

In addition, the AC200P features a present-day Battery Management System that checks everything occurring in this gadget. As a result, the BMS safeguards you from each probable risk during your daily functions. The BLUETTI AC200P also lets you connect B300/B230 expansion batteries to heighten the capacity. Plugging two B300 gives you 8144 wattage-hour, which you can depend on to power your gadgets during that extended blackout. 

Final Thoughts

Generally, picking the correct wire requires you to understand the current streaming through the load. Understanding the amperage, voltage, and wattage formulas makes it easy to determine the overall energy consumption and the inverter size. Understanding the energy your equipment consumes makes it easy to find the power station for your needs. You can rely on the BLUETTI portable power stations based on the energy you require because they come in varied sizes. 



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