How to Prepare for Ottawa Power Outages with a Solar Generator?

How to Prepare for Ottawa Power Outages with a Solar Generator?

Most cases of power outages in Ottawa are unexpected. Some outages last only a few minutes, while others can last for hours. It is always frustrating when the power goes off, and it would be prudent to prepare for the next power outage.

Having a backup power supply is the best solution to Ottawa power outages, and a solar generator is one of the best options. Here is a guide on how a solar generator works, its benefits and uses, and how it can help you prepare for power outages. It also includes an overview of the top three solar generators for your home’s backup power supply.

Where Can I View Ottawa Power Outages Info?


Tracking the status of power outages in your area can help ease your mind. Fortunately, Hydro Ottawa maintains a real-time power outage map showing the following details:

  • Locations affected by power outages.
  • The number of affected customers.
  • The cause of the power outages.
  • The status of the response crew.
  • The estimated time to restore the power.

You can view the outage map on the Hydro Ottawa website by navigating to the Outage Center page. The company updates the map every 15 minutes. However, momentary outages that only take a few minutes aren’t displayed, while unconfirmed outages are highlighted as pending classification. The company also encourages customers to report outages that don’t appear on the map.

What is a Solar Generator?

A solar generator comprises several components and devices. The main component is a battery with a large power storage capacity. The battery features various AC, DC, and USB outlets to power appliances and charge mobile devices. Other notable features include screen displays and control panels.

Solar panels are also an integral component of a solar generator. They capture the sun’s free energy and turn it into DC electricity, which is then converted to AC electricity and stored in the battery.

Is Buying a Solar Generator for Ottawa Power Outages Worth It?

Buying a solar generator in preparation for Ottawa power outages is worth it for various reasons. Your well-being is the most obvious reason. For example, the lack of power can expose you and your loved ones to extreme cold or heat when the HVAC goes off. It is also worth noting that some families have sick loved ones with medical equipment that must be powered at all times.

Your comfort is also worth the cost of a solar generator. Electricity powers essential appliances such as the HVAC, TV, computer, and microwave. A solar generator can power your household appliances during power outages, keeping you warm, entertained, and overall comfortable.

A solar generator can also save you a lot of money. Prolonged power outages can cost you in several ways, such as food in the refrigerator going bad, pipes freezing and cracking, and accidents occurring around the home. It is also worth noting that a solar generator is cheaper to maintain than other backup power solutions, such as ordinary standby and portable generators.

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How to Read the Ottawa Hydro Power Outage Map?

How to Choose the Right Solar Generator

bleutti solar generator

Solar generators come in diverse models and differ in various important aspects, such as power storage capacities. As such, choosing the right solar generator entails reviewing the important features, including the following:

· Power Storage Capacity

Ideally, the solar generator’s battery should store enough electricity to power your essential household appliances for at least several hours during Ottawa power outages. Interestingly, some generators feature a modular design to connect with extra batteries to increase the power storage capacity, measured in Watt Hours (Wh). Moreover, the generator’s running watts should be enough to power all essential appliances simultaneously.

· Peak Power

Refrigerators, HVACs, and other appliances with motors require a temporary power surge that lasts milliseconds to start running. Peak power refers to the solar generator battery’s surge power capacity, and it should exceed your larger appliances’ power surge requirements.

· Recharging Methods

Solar generators have integrated solar panels that recharge the battery using the sun’s free energy. However, alternative charging methods would also be convenient. Common solar generator charging methods include direct AC outlets, lead batteries, and durable AC/solar charging.

· Other Features

Other important features to look for in a solar generator include outlets and ports. AC and DC power outlets connect to large appliances, while USB ports charge mobile devices. The generator should have a screen and control panel to display and regulate its usage.

How to Use a Solar Generator During a Power Outage

Using a solar generator is easy. It is light and portable, so you can position it anywhere in the house or the compound. The battery features AC and DC outlets where you can directly plug in your appliances to power them. Additionally, you can charge your mobile devices using multiple USB ports. Alternatively, you can install a generator transfer switch to connect the solar generator to the house’s electric panels, from where you can power your appliances as usual.

Top 3 Recommended Solar Generators for Ottawa Power Outages

Are you unsure about the right solar generator model for your home backup power needs? Here is an overview of three reliable solar generators for your household appliances:

1. BLUETTI AC200MAX + 3xPV200 Solar Generator Kit

bluetti ac200max kit

You can power any household appliance using the BLUETTI AC200MAX solar generator, thanks to a powerful 2,048Wh battery and a 4,800W surge capacity. It comes with three PV200 solar panels to ensure that you always have power whenever you need it. Other notable features include the following:

  • Modular Design – It is expendable, supporting up to two B300 or B230 batteries.
  • Flexible Charging – It supports six other charging methods besides the three integrated solar panels.
  • Fast Charging – It supports dual AC and solar charging with speeds of up to 1,300W.
  • Smart Control – It comes with a mobile app to monitor and control its usage.
  • Power Output – AC, DC, and USB outlets and ports to power appliances and mobile devices.

The AC200MAX solar generator can meet all of your power needs, especially when expanded with extra batteries. What’s more, it is durable and can last for more than 3,500 charging cycles.

2. BLUETTI AC200P + 3xPV200 Solar Generator Kit

bluetti ac200p

The BLUETTI AC200P solar generator is powerful. Featuring a 2,000Wh lithium-ion battery with a 4,800W surge capacity. It can power any household appliance, including an ordinary air conditioner for about four hours. Here is an overview of its best features:

  • Solar Panels – Three integrated PV200 solar panels to recharge the generator.
  • Power Output – 17 outputs for power supply, including AC/DC outlets and USB ports.
  • BMS – Battery Management System to control and maintain the generator for increased efficiency and durability.
  • Multiple Charging – Supports seven charging methods, including AC, car batteries, and dual AC/solar.

This solar generator is ideal for moderate power requirements, and the solar panels can ensure continuous power supply. It can last for over 3,500 charging cycles.

3. BLUETTI AC300 + 2 x B300 + 3 x PV200 Solar Generator Kit

bluetti ac300 kit

The BLUETTI AC300 solar generator features a powerful battery with a 3,072Wh capacity. Moreover, it comes with two extra B300 batteries, and you can expand up to four B300 batteries to increase the capacity to 12,288Wh, enough to last several days. A 3,000AC pure sine wave inverter with a 6,000W surge provides enough power to run any appliance, including refrigerators and HVAC systems.

Other notable features of the BLUETTI AC300 solar generator include the following:

  • Solar Panels – Three PV200 integrated solar panels to recharge the battery.
  • UPS Mode – 24/7 UPS backup mode to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Split Phase Bonding – 240V split phase bonding using the Fusion Box Pro.
  • Power Outputs – AC/DC power outlets and USB charging ports.
  • Wireless Charging – Two wireless charging pads.
  • Flexible Charging Solutions – Seven recharging methods, including AC and lead batteries.
  • Portability – Design for portability.

Overall, this solar generator is easy to use. It is also durable as it can support over 3,500 charging cycles and last for years.

Common Scenarios for Using Solar Generators

Besides Ottawa power outages, solar generators also come in handy in the following scenarios:

· Camping

Solar generators are light, small, and compact, making them easily portable. Moreover, the battery features everything you need to power your appliances, including in-built power outlets and charging ports. Additionally, the generator comes with integrated solar panels, making it easy to recharge using the sun.

To this end, you can carry the generator with you during camping to power your appliances. What’s more, the outdoor setting enables you to recharge the battery using the integrated solar panels.

· RV Travel  


Life on the road is easier with a reliable power source, such as a solar generator. It contains everything you would need to power your appliances on the go. The in-built USB ports keep your mobile devices charged and the AC/DC power outlets power appliances such as the AC. Moreover, you can recharge the generator’s battery as you go by deploying the solar panels on the RV’s roof or using the RV’s battery. 

· Off-Grid Living

Some solar generators have enough power storage capacity to power all household appliances for hours. They can last for many hours or a few days, depending on the usage, and the integrated solar panels can ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Moreover, you don’t need electricity from the grid to recharge the battery. As such, a solar generator is ideal for an off-the-grid lifestyle, especially if your electricity needs are moderate or minimal.

Final Thoughts

Power outages are a regular aspect of life in Ottawa. Fortunately, a reliable solar generator can save you the inconvenience of Ottawa power outages. The best solar generators have batteries powerful enough to run any home appliance and other convenient features to get you through temporary outages with ease and comfort. Moreover, they can provide enough power for days thanks to the integrated solar panels. 

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