5 Best Portable Power Stations in BLUETTI Canada

5 Best Portable Power Stations in BLUETTI Canada

Portable power stations are fast becoming a common trend today as people increasingly desire a reliable and renewable energy solution to cater for their device and appliance needs. Be it a situation of power blackout or when you are in the backcountry and all you medical gear, radios, smartphones, or electric stoves need to run for five days before going home, the portable power station can mitigate them all. In this piece, we review five of the best portable power stations from BLUETTI Canada, with an A+ rating in the industry. Let's dive into the reviews!


bluetti eb3a

Look no more if you are in search of the perfect choice of a portable energy station that is compact, versatile and very sturdy - the EB3A has it all. This power station is also integrated with 600W pure sine wave inverter that best supports up to 1,200W surge power hence making it best for small up to medium-sized appliances and devices.

It comes in with a 268Wh lithium iron phosphate battery and has more than 2,500 cycles. The EB3A also supports a fast dual charge so that you can recharge from both the AC and the solar sources at the same time hence reducing significantly your replenishment time. You can further replenish the EB3A from your available car, generator, or adapter when one is available.

The station has nine outputs, which include 4 AC outlets, 2 USB-A outlets, a single USB-C outlet, one 12V car port, and a single 12V DC outlet. These outputs can be utilized to charge and power at the same time a number of gadgets including laptops, phones, cameras, drones, CPAP machines, fans, lights among others. It could be monitored and remotely controlled by smartphones to check battery status, input and output power, and remote switchover outputs using the BLUETTI app.


bluetti ac60p

The BLUETTI AC60P power station is an overly hearty though portable station and designed to be your ultimate outdoor partner. First, its circuits are well protected from the environment around it due to having an IP65 rating for resistance to water and dust. It has a 600W single output power with a battery capacity of 504Wh and can be expanded to a larger size with the B80P so that other outdoor outlets may be covered as needed.

The AC60P provides four forms of charging which include the adapter, in the car, solar and generator thus granting flexibility in different environments. With 600W AC Turbocharging, it charges 0 to 80% in only 45 minutes thus significantly cutting downtime.

With a sound level of 45dB, falling below 40dB in Silent Charging mode, it is suitable for small spaces with whisper-quiet sensitive lining like rooms or tents. The advanced ECO mode helps with energy saving by automatically shutting off when no devices are connected.

AC60P can power devices not exceeding 600 watts (1200W peak load) like smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, and lighting among other medical equipment and coolers. This expansibility comes in handy when full capacity is not always required hence favoring reduced travel weights.

Reliable for those targeting self-sufficiency and off-grid living, while taking advantage of solar energy. The AC60P can be powered with solar panels, whose specifications read 200W Solar input (12-28V and 8.2A). This can be done with BLUETTI’s proprietary solar panels or other brands’ panels, which comply and have MC4 connectors.


bluetti ac70

BLUETTI AC70 is a compact and lightweight portable power station that ensures consistent uninterrupted power supply to different appliances and devices, even on the go. It incorporates a 1,000W pure sine wave inverter capable of running various appliances and devices spanning the 2,000W surge power using a 230V output voltage, 50Hz frequency and at every opportunity when applicable, universal electrical sockets for compatibility.

It's fueled by a 768 Wh lithium iron phosphate battery able to go through over 3,000 cycles, more than any other battery in the market. The AC70 is also turbo charge capable, where it is reputed that you can recharge to 80% in around 45 minutes.

The AC70 is made up of seven outlets that include two AC outlets, two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, one 12V car port, and one 12V DC port. With this kind of composition, you can charge or run several gadgets at a go. You can also recharge the AC70 from four different sources, such as AC, solar, car, or lead-acid battery.

Finally, the AC70 can be controlled with a remote control, using the BLUETTI app on your smartphone to observe real-time info and receive remote commands. You can see the output mode of both outputs in front of you. Also, you are able to check the power input/output and battery capacity.


bluetti ac180

The AC180 is a versatile Outdoor and Indoor Power Station. It's a mighty station that can be able to handle a wide range of everything needed outdoors and indoors as it has a capacity to output 1,800 watts with power lifting mode of 2,700W and a great capacity of 1,152Wh. It wonderfully distributes the outputs fairly through nine ports to different devices, for example, laptops, phones, cameras, fans, and refrigerators.

The recharge methods of the AC180 are four: AC wall outlet, solar panels, car charger, or generator. It has fast charging with 1,440W of AC input that fills up to 80% of charge within just 45 minutes. It is also eco-friendly, clean, quiet, and cost-effective as it slashes carbon emissions thus harnessing renewable energy.

Via Bluetooth, you can work with the AC180 through the BLUETTI app to control and monitor the power station. You can always look at the battery level indicator, input power wattage, temperature remaining power levels, and more information.


Just imagine a powerful house, which is not only portable but also packs performance. That's the AC200P Portable Power Station for you. Armed with a 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter spiking as high as 4800W, one would be forgiven for imagining this to be an actual dynamo in your hands. Its 2000Wh capacity guarantees that your devices remain active regardless of their power-drawing capabilities of the devices used on it.

But that's not all. The power station comes with a LiFePO₄ Battery built to last, it boasts over 3,500 life cycles and still retains 80% capacity even after an extensive used. And with 17 outputs, you can be able to charge multiple devices all at one go, talk of convenience!

The power station has 7 different ways to recharge with, AC, Solar, Car, Generator, Lead battery, Dual AC and AC+Solar. So no matter where you are or whatever your power needs be, this power station has got it covered for you. Plus it's a 700W Max. This device would perfectly transform into your travel companion due to Solar Input and 1200W Max. Fast Dual Charging facilities for travel enthusiasts and those willing to use renewable energy sources.

What is a Portable Power Station?

A portable power station generates electricity on a much lower scale for mobile purposes. In other words, it is a mini power plant that one can carry in hand. Usually, these devices derive the energy from solar power, wind or hydroelectric power and store it in their reserves.

BLUETTI Canada portable power stations, unlike the huge power stations that distribute electricity over vast networks, feed power straight to your devices minus long-distance transmission. They come in small packages that offer backup power as well up to larger ones that are able to power many devices concurrently.

The power stations are versatile with several charging output options and can be recharged in several ways. They're a must-have for an outdoor adventure, offering a reliable source of energy wherever you go adventuring.

Portable power stations, in fact, are the best eco-friendly alternative to conventional sources which can be used to meet your requirement for energy whilst preventing any unnecessary carbon footprint before inception. These are your mobile and personalized power plants mighty enough to accompany you wherever you go and power your gadgets on the go.

What Can You Do with BLUETTI Portable Power Stations?

With a BLUETTI Canada portable power station at your disposal, you have an easily attainable emergency power backup. An indispensable companion in camping trips since it can provide power even in the farthest touring locations. And in its use of renewable energy, it contributes highly towards a sustainable future. It reduces one’s dependence on grid electricity and can save one's money. Besides, it’s safer and more silent as compared to traditional generators. It offers a choice of an augmentable power supply for those who own caravans. Family trips can be a lot more peaceful if accompanied by an assurance of a power supply. It may as well be a necessity to include it in your car's emergency kit. It will also enable content developers to run their gadgets anywhere too. In short, it is an invaluable piece of equipment.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, whether you are in search of a small and portable powerhouse to carry your daily gadgets or going big for one that can support even heavy-duty appliances, BLUETTI Canada has models that fit the description. Portable power stations are not only useful and reliable, but they also help in maintaining a clean environment as well as cost-effectively, as they use renewable energy sources and have less carbon footprint on the environment. With a BLUETTI Canada portable power supply station in possession, one can retrieve electricity anywhere, anytime they want it.

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